• Dave Lalin of Audio Intellect is an honest, knowledgeable and hard-working audio expert. He's found our perfect speakers, and helped us trade an expensive but inappropriate receiver for one that suits our needs perfectly. When we decided to transform our living room into an Atmos home theater, Dave and his staff did a clean, fast, precise job, installing on-wall and in-ceiling speakers and fine-tuning the system for that breathtaking, "you are there" sound. Here's a standing ovation for Audio Intellect!

  • Great owner and very informative.

    John Sears
  • I recently made my first real audio purchase, a set of kef q750 tower speakers.

    I found Audio Intellects by appointment shop on line and set up a visit.

    So far trying to find a place with affordable gear, a good selection of different speakers, and knowledgeable people has been nearly impossible, and on line and has been no help.

    Upon arrival I met Dave and received some superb hospitality, we demoed a few pairs of speakers before I fell in love with the sound of a pair of Kefs which I then decided to order.

    A few days later my speakers arrived along with an Audio Intellect associate named Troy who unboxed and set up my new speakers.

    Troy did a phenomenal job positioning the speakers and was both pleasant and professional. This experience could not have been better and I look forward to working with Audio Intellect again.

    Vernice Hipolito
  • My experience at the Audio Intellect was truly spectacular.

    To begin Dave AKA “The Audio Intellect” has a wide mastery of anything Audio related. If it makes sounds you can bet Dave can assist.

    Secondly Dave is a prime example of good business practices. He is truly sincere and will go to extreme lengths to ensure his customers are satisfied with every purchase.

    Lastly, I am extremely happy with my purchase from the Audio Intellect. The sound is superb, he quickly installed my system, and I truly believe my money was well-spent.

    I look forward to doing business with the Audio Intellect again and highly recommend to anyone seeking quality sound, great prices, and a pleasant experience.

    Jonathan Veintimilla
  • Dave has been a huge help to our company. He got us all set up with a whole new sound system and walked us through the whole process start to finish. He still remains available for help whenever we need it to this day. Highly recommended!

    Ellyn Loss
  • The go to place for audio solution for those interested in good sound even if you dont have technical know how. I purchased 5 LS 50, woofer and a high end receiver. Well i didn't intend to buy these but was looking for a great DIY home theatre audio system. Dave didn't over sell anything but walked me through the options and helped me pick the ones that meet my needs. He also helped me to troubleshoot when i had issues with configuration. I would highly recommend Audio Intellect for quality audio solution

    Mohideen Abdul
  • Thank you Dave for a masterful installation of all my 6 electronic pieces. I had had a Geek squad person who wasted two hours of my life! You effectively connected all my pieces and now my home theater system is at optimum operational level. Thank you for a difficult job very well done.

    Patricia I Cortez
  • Dave is great! professional and knowledgable about Home Theatre Systems. I highly recommend Audio Intellect. Don't trust anyone else for your home theatre needs.

    Emily Fernandez
  • Dave is certainly knowledgeable about the industry. I'd recommend going here for an audition over big box stores for personalized service. No amount of reading online reviews for products is going to paint you a clear picture as auditioning. Since this his house, there's no time pressure and you can do a thorough review.

    As you will notice, the inventory is massive and there are some impressive speakers you may never be able to try elsewhere. Dave has a product in every price range, so I recommend going with a budget in mind and trying out few products with an open mind. You never know what might surprise you.

    All in all, great service. Good luck with your search!

    Devin L
  • Dave provides an incomparable personalized service. He stands fully behind his products, which are thoroughly road-tested for the best results with your system. In particular, he is fantastic with his after sales support, an area where most suppliers fall down all too easily. Hats off to you Dave and many thanks for all your help. You have a solid repeat customer and those new cables will be finding their way to me very shortly!

    Philip Perry