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432 Evo Music Servers


Innovative Music Servers

These innovative music servers are full Roon cores and Endpoints designed with state of the art hardware, merged with a proprietary operating system, in a  fully modular and up-gradable design. The servers can easily rip and store an entire cd library.

The 432 EVO is a high-end cd ripper / music server / player / streamer & computer audio transport.

The unique feature of the 432 EVO is playback in 432 Hz, which makes the sound more enjoyable, more relaxed and more analog like compared to any other digital source. You can also use the EVO as high-end up Sampler, and as a very high-end bit perfect player.

High-end CD Ripper

 432 EVO contains a quality TEAC drive, which has been tuned to rip at 16x speed for low noise and high-quality rips, using the bit perfect CD paranoia engine. To rip, just insert the CD in the drive, wait ~15 minutes, and when the CD has been ripped, it will be automatically ejected from the drive. The media server on the 432 EVO will automatically add the newly ripped CD to its database.

Why We Sound better

The key to why the evo sounds better is the extraordinary attention to isolating the data , this is done by isolating and compartmentalizing each part of the server as well as employing state of the art parts, coupled to a unique operating system, along with our custom 432 evo plug in.

432 EVO - Models and Pricing

Standard Music Server - US Retail $3,500

The 432 EVO Standard model is our entry level model, for those who want the full 432 Hz plugin functionality at an affordable price point, or those who want to ultimately own the HIGH-END or AEON model, and start with the STANDARD to upgrade later. It has the same software as our other models including the same Linux OS with real time kernel, but in this case the software has basic tuning.

  • Comes with one external S Booster linear power supply
  • Typically paired with entry level dacs $500-2000

The High End Music Server - US Retail $5,500

The 432 EVO High-End model The High End is a very large step up in sound quality over the Standard with a separate sound card plus you have an additional external S booster linear power supply to isolate the soundcard from the main CPU board these additions enable the high end to produce an even larger sound stage, and a more three-dimensional sound.

  • Typically paired with Mid-level dacs $10000-5,000.00

The Aeon Music Server - US Retail $7,500

the Aeon is a very large step up in sound quality over the high End with a separate sound card plus, a very accurate external clock board then you have an additional external S booster linear power supply to completely isolate the soundcard and clock, as well as the CPU.

  • Typically paired with even higher end dacs $5000-10,000.00

The Master Music Server - US Retail $16,000

Simply the world's finest digital server, the master uses 4 independent power supplies to completely isolate the data even more thoroughly than the Aeon.

Our dual enclosure chassis has a true triple linear power supply with no shar transformer and utilizes the very best components such as gold-plated PCBs, and is a major upgrade over our AEON model (from which existing customers can upgrade) The Master is our flagship and a best-in-class music server with a cost no object performance. It can easily surpass any other digital source, including the most exclusive digital CD transports, sounding more like analog sources with no hint of digital harshness. Tried and tested in world class systems and designed according to the most extreme audiophile standards for ultra-low jitter and low noise, the Master was introduced at Munich High End 2017. It immediately won best of show from both AV Showrooms and Hifi Pig.

  • For those clients looking for the best
  • Typically paired with the highest end dacs $5000-20,000.00 

Technological Innovation

The 432EVO employs a unique frequency altering plugin  which creates a more relaxed analog like presentation to all digital files.